Nick McBride

Darren Walker

A big sized stopper with some impressive yet raw ability to keep the puck out of his net. He is very strong at stopping pucks when he can see them and makes nice chest/stomach stops, swallowing up pucks. He squares up nicely and tracks first shots just fine. His feet and mobility are solid at this level, but could use improvement before moving on to higher levels of play. When he’s on his game he really controls his pad rebounds well, deflecting out of danger and confidently smothering shots along the ice. Negatively, he swims a lot instead of just getting into his butter y, playing the percentages, using his length and letting the puck come to him. He really doesn’t seem to track the puck well once it gets down on the ice and in feet in front of him. He goes through spells where he is fighting pucks and looks awkward in the crease, giving up rebounds and playing like the smallest six-foot-four goalie we have ever seen. He has spurts when he is overthinking every puck directed his way; looking very loose in his stance and just seeming to be praying pucks will just hit him. He needs to keep focus and keep the play in front of him. At his worst, he looks fragile and uncomfortable in the crease, raising questions if he possesses the mental aspect demanded from the goaltending position. The physical tools are all there, he just needs to refine a lot of things and work on his mental abilities, which seem to be on or way off. (May 2015)