Nate Schnarr

Aaron Vickers

Schnarr is a big-bodied center that plays a two-way game. His skating is a concern as his stride is too wide and choppy. His skating affects his backchecking ability as well. He puts in effort to get back to the defensive zone but his turns are incredibly slow and unbalanced, causing him to lose speed and fall back in the race to the defensive zone. He has decent strength through his lower half and is tough to push off the puck along the boards, making him effective in the cycle game. He doesn’t initiate contact much to create turnovers, and he could become a huge threat in the defensive zone if he adds a physical edge to his long reach and active stick. He often simply glides around the offensive zone and utilizing his puck-handling abilities and passing to move the puck around. He has smooth hands and uses his long wingspan to protect the puck in the cycle game and carry the puck through the neutral zone with quick, darting movements. He has good vision in the offensive zone, displaying his playmaking abilities with good patience. Has a hard shot but does not use it nearly enough. He is tall but still could stand to gain some strength, as his lanky frame lacks power. He is noticeably weak on face-offs, not getting low enough to the ice and lacking quick enough hand-eye coordination. He is a talented offensive player and a bit of a late bloomer who has good upwards potential and could prove to be a steal.