Morgan Klimchuk

Darren Walker

Klimchuk is a skilled forward who makes an impact on the ice. He is extremely fast with good agility and the ability to stop and/or turn on a dime. His good acceleration and the ability to change direction opens lanes up for himself offensively. He might be one of the best-skating forwards in this draft class as the combination of both quick feet, first steps and edgework allow him to sneak into scoring positions with the defense not noticing. Great hands compliment his feet, as he can skate at top speed with the puck and really makes things happen. He can give and receive passes with ease. Klimchuk is definitely more of a shooter and we wouldn’t say he has limited vision, but he’s just looking to shoot first. He can make strong plays for his linemates and distribute passes through sticks and legs. He is a very well balanced player and has the ability to set up plays as well as score them. His great shot is hard, quick and accurate with a release is at a very high level already and could be classified as ‘sneaky’. His offensive hockey sense allows him to make quick smart passes that aren’t ashy but keeps the puck moving. He thinks the game extremely fluid, is able to make quick plays while in motion, and has great anticipation skills. A very instinctual player, Klimchuk just knows what to do with the puck once it hits his stick. He is relied on in many situations, seems to be quite athletic, and you rarely see a shift off from him. He plays a very simple style of game, not a lot of ash and not a lot of ‘take control of the game’ moments but does make an impact. He is a player that will play the system he has be presented with, then find opportunities to put himself into prime scoring areas. Will more often than not come back into his own zone and make himself an outlet option for his defense and centre. (May 2013)