Morgan Frost

Aaron Vickers

A playmaking pivot who reads the game intelligently…calm and poised…agile on his skates and possesses excellent edgework, enabling him to cut in and out of defenders quickly to make plays…always looking for his best option…carries the puck with speed and is strong on the attack, dishing at the right time and right on the tape of his target before continuing on into the zone as a pass back option…smart with and without the puck…not much of a shooter as he looks to distribute the puck on the majority of plays…like many true playmakers, seems to be able to sense or even force defenders to collapse in on him, creating time and space for his teammates to get in position for one of his beautiful setups…defensively, he knows where his check is at all times…works hard in the defensive zone and chipping in down low…will grind it out when needed and isn’t afraid of a little contact taking place…has plenty of upside but also plenty of development still ahead.  (November 2016)