Mitchell Vande Sompel

Aaron Vickers

A puck mover who is poised with the puck on his stick. The kid moves very well and is a
very fluid skater who possesses some top-notch acceleration, only taking a few strides to hit
top speed. Easily picks up speed with the puck on the attack and will hop into the rush using his
speed to catch up to the play. Very smooth pivots from forwards to backwards and is shifty on
his feet, quickly bursting to go the direction he wants. He is strong on the puck and controls it
easily, showing confidence to deke defenders at top speed. Is patient when carrying the puck,
waiting for the right moment to pull back and dish a beautiful pass on the tape. Falls victim to
watching the play at times, standing still before coming back to reality. The awareness this kid
possesses is high-end and the reason he finds success with the puck. Slips through checks to
distribute and will take a hit if it means he is going to make a play with the puck. His snap shot
is loaded with power and he can pick his spots very well. Shows that although he an offensive
weapon, he is not a liability in the defensive zone as he positions himself well and can be counted
on to defend. Showed versatility this season as he was asked to play a few games at forward
and made the transition look easy.  (May 2015)