Mitchell Stephens

Aaron Vickers

Stephens is a complete player. He plays well at both ends of the rink, and provided the Spirit
with a solid face-off man. He’s a diligent skater, and you can’t help but admire his work ethic. He
plays solid defense, and saw an expanded role on the PK, as the Spirit lack a bit of depth up the
middle this season. He has the ability to be a puck distributor with his combination of vision and
passing ability. With a number of veterans gone from the Spirits squad this season, Stephens
was elevated into a leadership role with the club. Definitely a kid who will lead by example. He
does make a few mistakes, like holding on to the puck too long, and waiting for a play develop
instead of making a play himself. His laid-back approach may catch the ire of fans, but he’s a
solid player who won’t be too cute with the puck in situations where it is uncalled for. Needs to
improve his consistency. Coming out of Minor Midget, and even after looking good at a summer
tournament, more was expected of Stephens offensively and it wasn’t until a couple months into
the season that he really started to produce like many had hoped. Really impressive at the U18
Championships where he captained Team Canada. Not high-end upside but has many intangibles
that make him an attractive prospect to develop in a potential support role.  (May 2015)