Mitchell Moroz

Aaron Vickers

A raw power forward prospect with some good offensive upside. Skates very well for his size with a nice wide stride. Not the best out of the gate but is very quick at top speed. Impressive balance on his skates and his ability to shield the puck while skating with it. Goes into the dirty areas and has the knack for finding the soft spot in offensive zone. He is good on the forecheck/backcheck. Is physical, takes the body and isn’t afraid to take a hit. Willing and very able to drop the gloves with a calm fighting style and that utilizes his long reach. Has impressive ability to shield the puck while skating with it and is able to shoot in transition in one smooth motion. Also possesses the ability to handle very tough and hard cross ice passes as he skated down the off wing. Used on the PK, blocks shots and seems to be a puck hound with good energy on a deep Oil Kings squad. A project that could end up being very impressive NHL player one day. (May 2012)