Mirco Mueller

Darren Walker

Mueller is a big, minute munching blueliner who has come along well as the season progressed. He skates well with a long powerful motion, changes direction effortlessly by swiveling his hips and pivots well. He could improve his push to be a real plus with added strength. He carries the puck well, displays solid vision and has the ability to make an accurate and crisp breakout or short touch pass while under pressure. He isn’t shy to jump up into the rush and pinches into the offensive zone looking for scoring opportunities. His shot is good and hard however he will need to quicken his release. Not much of a physical presence to his game, as he engages in rough play or throws his weight into an opponent. Defensively, he utilizes his size, mobility and reach to defend. He will drop down to block shots and try to get himself into passing/shooting lanes. He needs work on his positioning but when he does get that coaching he could be a real presence in his own zone as well. Mueller is a big bodied, raw but naturally skilled defender who given time could develop into a solid NHLer. (May 2013)