Mikko Vainonen

Aaron Vickers

A good sized, reliable two-way defenseman who plays the game with poise. He skates well enough to get the job done, but does not have the burst or lateral agility to be rushing the puck up ice or jump into the play consistently. He picks his spots well and plays a safe — yet aggressive — game defensively, using sound positioning in all three zones. He sees the play developing and makes smart reads and decisions in his zone to break up the attack. He’s not overly vocal on the ice but shows leadership by playing the game honestly and with a confidence that makes teammates want to follow suit. He has decent vision and makes a consistently accurate pass out of his zone. He has better-than-expected hands when he handles the puck and a hard shot; however, he fails to utilize it consistently, instead he maintains a safe defensive- orientated game. He can play physical, and does show flashes when the situation calls for it, but usually uses his good size to rub out would be attackers on the wall or box them out in front: He is not one to destroy his opponent with the big hits. He’s a very low maintenance defender. (May 2012)