Mikko Lehtonen

Aaron Vickers

A smallish two-way defenseman who does everything well but nothing overly great. Skates well with strong mobility but does not have great speed by any means. Makes up for the lack of recovery skating ability with his smarts. A pretty good two-way defenseman that plays with a maturity and strong understanding in all zones. Keeps a calm and cool demeanor even when under pressure. Makes strong outlet passes and allows his partner to use him as an outlet. Has the ability to join the attack as well as carry the puck himself with some good, but not flashy, hands. Uses his stick well defensively and closes off passing lanes with his body. Can get caught chasing an opponent and lose position at times in his own end. Not as physical at the SM-Liiga level as he was in the Junior levels and he could learn to separate the puck from his opponent better when battling along the boards. At his best when he maintains a simple game plan. (May 2012)