Mikhail Meshcheryakov

Aaron Vickers

Meshcheryakov impresses with his speed, skill and determination. The speedy center loves to be in control of the puck, giving the impression that he wants to control the play and be the one to set up his teammates, using his vision to his advantage. His speed is noticeable, especially off the hop as he can explode from stationary to get on loose pucks. A big presence on the ice, Meshcheryakov plays bigger than his measurements indicate. He is a smooth skater with incredible speed. He attacks the zone with speed and does not have the tendency to slow down when approaching a defender. Instead, he kicks it into high gear and separates from the man with a quick move and the puck on his stick. We love his handling of the puck while at high speed; he doesn’t just push it forward, but can actually pull off some nice moves to get past his man and hold the puck to the side of his body, easily protecting it. He dishes crisp passes through the neutral and offensive zones before exploding to open ice for a pass back. He dominates the attack through the neutral zone, displaying strong mobility and quick awareness. Meshcheryakov will engage and grind it out on the wall for the puck as long as it takes to gain control. He is sent out to take key defensive-zone faceoffs, using his quickness in each to win the draw outright. He plays in all situations and excels in each of them, showing his versatility.  (May 2016)