Mike Winther

Aaron Vickers

Smooth skating speedster with a great shot. Has quick feet, ex- plosive acceleration and the ability to beat defenders wide or cut back to the middle for a chance with his low base balance. His lateral agility is incredible. There are deficiencies in his game however as he lacks upper body strength and gets thrown off the puck too often. Has great hand skills, above average intelligence and lightning quick release on his wrist shot. He is an excellent passer and set-up man who can control the puck at top speed, drawing the defenders attention before dishing to an open teammate. He is highly effective when he plays a high intensity game, but does not always do so. Not nearly gritty enough as he shy’s away from most physical contact and gets knocked off the puck when he does engage. His shift to shift consistency is also a negative aspect but if he can gain more functional strength and improve his consistency he has some real talent. (May 2012)