Mike McKee

Aaron Vickers

One of the youngest prospects in the entire draft. Has incredible size and strength for such a young prospect. Skates real well with outstanding overall mobility for such a beast of a man. Not overly aggressive but does play the body and pins his man along the wall easily. Can step up and make some big time hits when he is feeling nasty, destroying his check more so because of his size advantage over the majority of his competition as he does not often fully explode into his checks. Picks the right times to jump up into the play and has a real bomb of a shot but will often defer with a pass to a teammate. When he does take his shot it is hard, keeps it low and placed accurately on net. Makes good outlet passes at short to intermediate range but lacks the vision to push those longer passes. Some question his decision making ability and if he would be more productive as a forward as well as if his development will be hurt by remaining in low level competition like the US prep system. (May 2011)