Michael Spacek

Aaron Vickers

An intelligent player at both ends of the rink, Spacek’s defensive and offensive contributions
make an impact. A powerful skater who has great length to his stride and ability to get moving
efficiently. Has some strong agility and is elusive through traffic, making him difficult to contain.
He has some impressive speed. Plays a strong possession game and always tends to be in the
right spots on the ice. His quickness, body positioning, strength and creative puck skills make
him a real challenge for defenders. He gets a little carried away at times with the puck, but
manages to salvage plays in the offensive zone that don’t go his way. Finds all sorts of lanes
to move the puck in and is not afraid to get creative. Has a nice touch and can tear the tape off
a teammate’s stick at longer range or feather a floater through a maze. Has a decent shot with
some zest and showed he isn’t just a pass first guy. Goes in on the forecheck and looks to hunt
pucks down. Drives the net with and without the puck. He is fairly patient but competes hard to
win battles and is smart in his approach to defend. Very smart and aware; a guy who can do it
all. Supports the play well and jumps in to help at the right times.  (May 2015)