Michael Pezzetta

Aaron Vickers

Pezzetta is a solidly built, playmaking center with strong defensive awareness and high effort level each and every shift. He is an intelligent center who thinks the game well and knows what he needs to do and where he needs to be to find success. On the rush, he does a good job of getting to strong positions away from the puck to be an option going hard to the net or in support. Pezzetta displays good speed on the rush with the puck. His short-range passes, both forehand and backhand, are crisp and easy to handle, and he executes with smarts and skill. He possesses good balance and the ability to accelerate in a few stride. He has lateral agility, the ability to stop and start, is quick and effective while being used to his advantage on the penalty kill and in the defensive zone. He shows well away from the puck; he keeps his stick active, constantly analyzes the play, is quick to support on the wall or pressure the point, and blows you away with his compete level. Pezzetta isn’t afraid to mix it up and play physically when needed; he doesn’t shy away from the gritty areas and will engage if needed, though he is just as comfortable and smart enough to pull back and offer support on the wall. He flies on the backcheck, picking up his checks and then providing strong coverage in his own zone. He is strong in the faceoff circle as he ties up the man and fights to win the draw.   (May 2016)