Michael McCarron

Darren Walker

McCarron is a hulking, aggressive power forward with underrated skill. He has good skating ability and is very fluid but lacks another gear and won’t ever be a real burner, but more foot speed would really make him that much harder to deal with when he gets moving. He sets the physical tone in games with big hits and by driving the net. He’s hard to handle for defenders, even those developed college-aged opponents. He has a blistering shot and surprisingly quick hands for such a big guy. He controls the puck, especially in tight spaces. He passes well and receives pucks well in motion. McCarron is cognizant enough to shoot in order to create rebounds, instead of trying to pick corners. He can cross the line and put his team in penalty trouble but maintains responsibility in his own end. He uses his long reach well and cuts off passing lanes. He knows his personal responsibilities defensively. He is a smart hockey player. The one part of his game that frustrates most is his lack of maturity. He takes real dumb penalties and at times, focuses more energy arguing with the ref than returning to the play. (May 2013)