Michael Dal Colle

Darren Walker

A powerful and dynamic winger with high-end offensive skills and vision. Dal Colle is a high-level skater. He has a strong stride, a solid top gear and gets around the ice effectively. He shows great agility and balance by being hard to knock off the puck. Dal Colle has the ability to maintain puck possession, even with defenders draped all over him. He’s extremely hard to knock off the puck, and causes headaches for defenders with his balance and reach. He has tight hands in close and the ability to finish in tight. He shows good control at top speed, and possesses the skill to beat opposing players one on one. Dal Colle uses his big frame and solid foundation to be physical in all three zones. Not a guy to drop the gloves often or even scuffle after the whistle, but he will stick up for himself and not be pushed around. He consistently finishes his checks and causes turnovers with a strong forecheck. Has a good mind for the game, and sets up well on the power play. He is al- ways looking to make a play to help his team. He plays the game at a high level and competes hard. Dal Colle has great playmaking skill and is a pass-first player. He shows good vision and passing ability both with short, quick give and goes as well as those long-range dishes. He uses his big frame to protect the puck while looking for open teammates. He has a quick release on his shots and can pick corners, making him dangerous anywhere in the offensive zone. An area of his game that is underrated is his defensive play. Dal Colle is responsible in getting back and generally stays in solid position when the play is in his own zone. He has some room for growth in this aspect, but is far from a liability. (May 2014)