Michael Bunting

Aaron Vickers

Bunting is the prototypical late bloomer who was a late-round pick in his second year of OHL eligibility and made the Greyhounds with a solid performance at their training camp. He has exceptional footwork, and possesses a keen hockey sense with above-average playmaking ability and impressive vision. He skates hard and doesn’t shy away from mixing it up with the opposition. Has a quick release on his shot and good accuracy, but could work on his velocity. Has very soft hands and can do plenty with the puck. He has the ability to corral it and make a move or two to enter the zone or protect the puck from opponents along the wall. He is creative and makes skilled plays for both himself and his linemates. Needs to add strength and improve his physical play and ability to battle for 50/50 pucks. With continued development, the sky is the limit for Bunting, who has proven himself as a solid NHL prospect worthy of a team to draft and develop. (May 2014)