Maxime Fortier

Aaron Vickers

Fortier is an offensive-minded winger who looks to make his mark on the score sheet. He has a strong stride and great speed. He finds creative ways to get open and has strong passing abilities in all three zones. Not the largest guy, Fortier does well with speed and quick passing along the boards. He has excellent foot speed, and puts defensemen on their heels when he gets to speed. He’s an underrated playmaker as well, making a number of nice quick passes to his linemates. A real weapon, especially on the man advantage, Fortier starts the power play at the right point, but finds his shots in Stamkos’ and Ovi’s office on the left dot. His shots are hard, quick and accurate. While not overly physical, Fortier is able to gracefully dig the puck out of some feet while battling for pucks on the wall, quickly turning toward the net and generating a scoring chance. He shows some excellent anticipation of the play and IQ. He is a driver of the offensive play, and is dangerous each and every time he touches the ice. He understands how to play within his size, and rarely dumps the puck in for a forecheck, instead showing off solid hands and puck skills as he enters the zone. He has roamer tendencies, uses his foot speed to excel off the rush and has great point-production potential as both a goal-scorer and passer. He combines great offensive instincts with a lack of ideal size and spotty defensive instincts.   (May 2016)