Max Zimmer

Aaron Vickers

Zimmer is a dynamic and powerful skater who uses this ability to be an impact player at both ends of the ice. He has an incredible long and efficient stride, and can absolutely fly when he gets going. He’s the kind of player who does not need to churn his feet to create speed. He gets low in the offensive zone and is constantly pressuring with his up-tempo style that wears down the defense in the cycle. Zimmer has a lot of creativity with his stick work and likes to carry the play. His speed and puck control are a dangerous combo. He is a playmaking forward who is elusive in transition. Zimmer displays great patience when being pressured by the opposition, and does not force many passes that result in turnovers. His shot is quick off of his stick, but lacks velocity. Away from the puck, he is effective as he is constantly moving his feet to get open for a scoring chance. He has good vision of the ice and anticipates plays well. Zimmer is no slouch in his own end either, supporting play down low and showing no fear of the physical battles that are key in gaining possession for his team. He’s not a physical threat as he lacks strength and the in-your-face temperament. He is trusted in all defensive situations and is most offensively dangerous for a quick strike in and around the faceoff circles. Zimmer’s best attribute is his skating as he covers large quantities of ice at high rates of speed.   (May 2016)