Max Jones

Darren Walker

Jones is a throwback power winger who plays on the edge. He has an incredible work ethic and drive, plus he loves the physical aspect of delivering devastating hits and engaging in the rough stuff. He has some real skills in the offensive end as well. The feisty winger, who loves to get under his opponents’ skin, possesses a powerful stride as he digs his edges in to the ice to drive hard to the net and/or separate from his check to be in a position for a pass, deflection or rebound in tight. He does not coast to the net, but instead goes in aggressively, at full-tilt looking to dig for pucks or, at the very least, cause a stir with an ice shower to the goaltender. He is strong on his feet thanks to a solid core and lower-body strength, which make it hard for him to be knocked off balance, and he can gain tremendous speed with powerful strides northbound. Jones has some shiftiness with the puck on his stick, using his edges to twist and turn, while using his back to protect the puck from a check. He protects well using his top shoulder to gain leverage and stretch it out of reach from the check while continuing on his drive to the net. His work ethic is impressive, as he is driven to get the puck, and battle on the wall and in the corners. There’s no quit on the puck as he tries to keep control, but if and when it’s taken from him, Jones fights tooth and nail to get it back. He has the ability to unload a very heavy wrist shot in a flash; one of his most dangerous assets is his pro-type shot that can beat goaltenders anywhere in the offensive zone. In the defensive zone, Jones is quick to pressure the point with an active stick. He picks up his man and will cover for missed assignments. He is relied on to kill penalties, showing his quickness to get on the puck carrier and pressure the points, while also displaying his incredible work ethic. Jones is able to cause issues for the attacking team deep in its own zone as he forechecks hard, pinning the puck deep in the offensive zone, and killing plenty of time by pressing the puck with his relentless stopping and starting down low. He is a threat to score shorthanded as well as his incredible speed and power can be too much for many power play point men to handle.