Max Iafrate

Aaron Vickers

A strong mobile defensive defender. He is a good skater who showed good footwork and acceleration. Not flashy or possessing high-end offensive gifts but is a meat and potatoes type who will give you honest minutes every game. Displays strong positional play, and is effective at keeping opposition forwards to the outside. He makes smart outlet passes as well as short quick passes when breaking the play out of his own zone but does not always make the right decisions with the puck. Son of former NHLer Al Iafrate, does not quite have his father’s velocity but is still a strong shooter with some velocity behind both his slap shot and wrist shot. He can get caught up in chasing pucks defensively and will need to let the game come to him. He needs to continue to play his simple game he has been taught since joining the Rangers last summer. Shows an ability to use his size around the net but does not do so consistently enough. When he tries to do too much he starts to push the puck up the ice or makes dangerous stretch passes. NHL teams are looking at him as a safe big body who can keep the puck out of the net not pill up the points. (May 2012)