Max Domi

Darren Walker

Domi is a pint-sized highly skilled offensive forward who can play both on the wing and down the middle. He constantly moves his feet and can explode from a standstill with quick two-step acceleration. He has a good top speed that he uses to separate from defenders down the wing or up the middle. Domi shows the ability to use quick starts and stops to shake defenders and quick enough foot work to break through defensive holes with superb agility. For a small guy, he uses a lower center of gravity extremely well to be balanced and hard to move. In tight, Domi uses a bevy of cuts, head movements and general fakes to eludes checks and undress defenders. He’s hard to control with the puck and maintains possession almost effortlessly. Domi’s best ability is his creativeness with the puck and high-end vision in making plays. He makes no-look passes through coverage, many times catching lesser skilled teammates off guard. While many would classify him as a playmaker, Domi can and does finish. He utilizes a quick shot, rather than a hard one that he can get off while playing with the puck. He catches goalies off guard with his accuracy. While Domi is on the smaller side height wise, he’s a very strong kid — especially in his legs — with a low center of gravity. Like his father, he has something of a pest-like quality, hacking and whacking at anything near him. He’s shown a willingness to finish checks though he’s not what you’d call a banger. He does use his body to take the puck to the net with some authority. Defensively, he can be a takeaway machine, utilizing a quick stick and quick feet. (May 2013)