Matthew Freytag

Aaron Vickers

Freytag is a solidly-built, two-way winger. He is the type of guy who all teams want to have on their team. He competes for every inch he gets on the ice and is competent in all three zones. He will not blow you away in any of the zones, but is very solid in each. In the offensive zone, he battles hard and is not afraid of contact. He shields the puck well under pressure and drives hard to the net. He gets to the front of the net, knows how to screen the goalie and has a great ability to find loose pucks through a ton of skates. Freytag is a tough kid who battles hard and does not shy away from contact. He has a nice combination of skating and power with the puck when entering the zone. He will take the puck to the outside, lower his shoulder and just power past the defender. He shows a quick release on his shot and the ability to use the defender as a screen and shoot around him. On the forecheck, he is relent- less and anticipates the defender’s every move. Makes good decisions with the puck and knows where his teammates are on the ice. He strips a few pucks and picks off a few passes to create chances. In the defensive zone, he does a great job of supporting his defensemen. It seems like he knows what to do in each defensive situation. Freytag has a pretty limited offensive upside. (May 2015)