Matteo Gennaro

Aaron Vickers

He is a lanky player who has some impressive wheels when playing a north/south game, thanks to a long stride. Shows an ability to play with power and skate through some checks. He has inconsistent levels of intensity to his game. Gennaro needs to learn the game is less about “ ash and dash” than it is about creating offensive pressure. Protects the puck with his long reach and size, using his hands at times to keep opponents off his back. Drives the play up the middle and shows the willingness to go into the high volume areas and jam away in the slot. Doesn’t have a great wrist shot, and sometimes fumbles the release under pressure, causing pucks to utter. His head for the game isn’t phenomenal either, but he is able to make simple yet effective plays. Shows a willingness to play an up-tempo, physical game when he doesn’t have the puck. Strong on the forecheck, applying a ton of pressure to puck carriers in their defensive zone. Didn’t have the senses or vision to see plays develop in front of him, and relies more on positioning to aid his defensive game. Doesn’t have the functional strength to be a real physical player but added the sandpaper element to his game this season. Looked really good back at the 2014 U17’s as a potential top 90 pick but this year he has been inconsistent. (May 2015)