Matt Murray

Aaron Vickers

A big, athletic goaltender who is full of pro-potential. An amazing combination of size, agility and positional play make him a goaltender who you can see being one of the better to come out of this draft. He is very effective at filling the net with his natural size and ability to keep his shoulders square to the shooter. Has a great projectable frame despite his lack of mass. Has a quick, flexible base that is a real asset to his game. He shoots his legs out in a flash to really close off the lower portion of net. His positional play and athleticism are both phenomenal. He has exceptional post-to-post mobility and displays a lightning fast glove hand. He has a strong competitiveness and does not quit on plays or second efforts. He has struggled in the past with his focus and ability to block out a bad goal, but didn’t show that as much this year. He is extremely thin with his pads off and needs to work on his strength, both in his core and in his legs, to be more effective. (May 2012)