Matt Mistele

Darren Walker

Mistele is a fast skater who is quite shifty and strong on his feet. It is hard to knock him off the puck as he protects it using his size. He doesn’t use his speed to his advantage and has a hard time separating himself from opponents. He doesn’t put in much of an effort on the backcheck and is a pure offensive playmaker. He has good hands and displays great puck-handling skills, even in tight quarters. When he is on, he protects the puck well as he drives it hard to net. Mistele attempts to deliver big checks when the opportunity presents itself no matter what the size difference of his opponent may be. His shot carries a lot of velocity and he gets it off pretty quickly. He leads his man with a pass well, and follows up by driving to open ice or the net in an effort to create chances. He has a tendency to be in the right place at the right time, showing off his hockey sense, but he plays the game very reserved. Often is caught hang- ing back along the wall and waiting for a loose puck to pop out of a slew of players. Mistele is an offense-first type of player who will need to improve his offensive skills and defensive abilities to round out his game. Consistency is the biggest part of his game that will need improvement. The tools are there to be successful if he increases his work ethic. (May 2014)