Matt Gosiewski

Aaron Vickers

Gosiewski is a big power forward who has impressive straightline speed for a big man. He will never be a guy who goes end-to-end or make many highlight-reel rushes; instead, he plays a prototypical power game. He has long legs and although quickness isn’t his forte, a long, sweeping stride helps him cover the ice surface and get to where he’s going speed wise. Once he gets those feet going and starts moving, he is hard to contain. Gosiewski likes to carry the puck down low and possess it until he can find a passing outlet or a lane to take the puck to the net. He takes a smart approach to passing the puck and delivers sharp passes from short range. The knock on him carrying the play is that he needs to be more responsible with the puck. While he’s not a bad puckhandler, there’s a higher probability of him turning it over when he tries to get too crafty, and not just use his strength and reach advantage to carry it through checks. Defensively, he also uses an active stick, but positively in the defensive zone and follows the play well, using good body position to make himself effective in defending. He has a long way to go in his development before we see the finished product, but he will have plenty of time at Harvard to work it out.  (May 2016)