Matt Filipe

Aaron Vickers

Filipe is a power forward who carries the puck with speed, protecting it well. He is hard to play against along the wall, and is not afraid to throw his weight around. Filipe displays a strong stick on the puck, and challenges defenders head-to-head on zone entries and in puck battles, winning the majority of them. He has strong puck-protection skills, but is not overly flashy with dekes or hand skills. He can be dangerous in tight. He plays a game centered around speed and shows good power that enables him to get to the net. Filipe is extremely agile and balances on his edges well to sharply change direction. He has crafty hands when carrying the puck and can draw opponents to take a stab at stripping the puck before going around them. He has good vision and can get to open ice to buy time before making a strong pass. Filipe has the size and skill to take plays to the net and execute on quick shots or passes on the fly. He brings tenacity in the offensive zone and has a knack for getting pucks to the net. He plays an accountable defensive game and shows good compete on every play, showing patience before jumping into confrontation. We like the drive he has and his offensive skill really complements his physical abilities. We describe Filipe as a hybrid between a playmaker and a power forward who is strong on the puck. We think he will transition into the professional game as a power forward who will produce points and be trusted in all three zones.   (May 2016)