Matia Marcantuoni

Aaron Vickers

A strong, fleet footed offensively skilled winger. His speed and skating ability are very impressive and at one point some thought his feet were the best in the entire draft. He showed explosive acceleration, quick lateral agility and high-end speed. His willingness to drive to the net and use his strength to bring the puck with him were all really impressive as he would either score or draw a penalty. His offensive creativity, shot selection, on-ice vision and playmaking skill is all strong assets as is his drive to succeed. However as this season started, so did the laundry list of injuries that plagued him through his entire draft year, causing more than a few questions about his future. He stopped going into traffic and taking the puck to the net. His offensive zone decisions eroded into set tingling for weak, unimpactful moves as he all too often took low percentage perimeter shots or would curl back and just throw a bad pass into the middle. His ability to put this season behind him and again show the form he once did are the real questions that a team will need to weight. (May 2012)