Mathew Barzal

Darren Walker

An elite level playmaking center. Barzal is a very special player and is typically all over
the ice creating plays. Barzal has elite hands, strong playmaking ability and is a very smooth skater.
He resembles Crosby in the way he moves around the ice and is a fantastic skater at this level with
both his quickness and foot speed. His hands are some of the best in the draft class with the quickness
to make plays in tight and the soft touch to place the puck out of reach for defenders. Barzal
is extremely confident when he has the puck on his stick and has tremendous vision. He is able to
find seams and passing lanes that most guys would not see. Makes one of the best saucer passes
we’ve seen in the draft class with its accuracy and smoothness, landing perfectly for teammates.
He gets lower in his stance stick handling around the perimeter of the zone but with his head up
assessing his options and dissecting from outside in the offensive zone. Slick in possession as
he dekes his way around the offensive zone and making defenders look silly in the process.
Barzal is an incredible playmaker whose ability to see and exploit is all-world. Hand speed can
change based on the situation as he looks to get himself in better position with more room to
work. He is patient and poised, showing that he will wait and wait to make a play, regrouping
to better space and open ice if needed. Has a very strong shot that just jumps off his blade
in a blink causing goaltenders some trouble. This kid is very dangerous offensively and
was very impressive at the U18’s for Canada.  (May 2015)