Matej Tomek

Aaron Vickers

The native of Bratislava, Slovakia came to the U.S. looking to boost his draft stock. And that is just what he has done. After looking impressive in some summer camps, the University of North Dakota commit really took off with Topeka. Tomek is a big, lanky goalie who takes up a lot of the lower part of the net and seals off the ice well. He has a pretty interesting style; con dent, calm and plays a strong positional game. He is surprisingly calm unless the puck makes its way below the top of the circles. When the puck is out of danger he relaxes and stands up straight and loose, but then quickly gets to the ready position when the opposing team again enters his zone becoming a threat. He is always quick to reset his positioning, even in the middle of an onslaught of shots. It is his way to always be in position for the next shot, not really making second or even third chance saves look overly desperate. He moves very well in his crease, both upright and in the butter y. He really gets a powerful push off the post laterally to come out to the top of his crease and challenge the shot. Tomek anticipates the play very well. Strong rebound control on shots to his mid-section and higher shots where he can use his quick glove or blocker. Tracks the puck well and is focused despite his relaxed look. Needs some work in his puck-handling skills. (May 2015)