Mason Shaw

Aaron Vickers

A little ball of energy who does not mind getting his nose dirty…possesses quick feet and the right hard-working attitude…always moving his feet and outworking the opposition, and is relentless in his puck pursuing…never gives up on battles and displays impressive creativity and offensive instincts…moves the puck exceptionally well, and makes accurate reads with good, quick decision making…plays with a chip on his shoulder and can be a little prick to play against…a menace who doesn’t let his size factor into him running his mouth and giving a jab after the play…controls the puck very well and uses his motor and strong balance to keep pushing through gritty areas of the ice…displays a fairly sharp wrist shot and a very impressive back hander that is both accurate and off his stick in a jiffy making him dangerous in close… defends using an active stick and good positioning to pressure opponents…a high energy, high compete guy, that loves to throw the body around and plays with offensive skills similar to a Brendan Gallagher.  (November 2016)