Mason McDonald

Darren Walker

A composed, massive butter y stopper who is one part blocker and one part re ex stopper. Very calm and cool handling lots of shots and making saves look effortless. Reads the play extremely well and get his big frame in front of shots. Has a very good glove hand that can steal a goal away in a ash. Cuts down angles well and plays an aggressive game, coming out to challenge shooters regularly. He is an explosive skater and can just y post to post. Closes himself off well and gives shooters very little holes to shoot at. Impressive rebound control for such a young stopper as he just smothers puck into his arms and chest, and under his pads. Continued to “grow into his frame” all season – looked athletic and poised with better limb control in movement as the season progressed. Tracks pucks well. Puck movement is aggressive and impressive as he helps out the defensemen a lot. Really sewed up his status as the second-best option in the net and closed the gap on Demko with his performance at the U18s. (May 2014)