Markus Nurmi

Aaron Vickers

Nurmi is a developing power winger who plays a two-way game. He sets his defensive role as a priority, as he often is the first forward back and teams up with his defenders in odd-man situations to win the puck, playing more of a center role in his defensive style. Although he is light in comparison to his height, he uses his size as an advantage in gritty situations along the board, as well as when checking his opponents. His defensive play is very aggressive, as he both tries to check the puck carrier and uses his stick to disrupt the puck. For being a taller, yet underdeveloped, player, he has a rather decent skating speed and excellent overall mobility. He would often skate with the puck and use his mobility to get past opponents and protect the puck with his long reach and great balance. He shows flashes of creativity with the puck, but is most effective when he has more open ice to try some moves. In the offensive zone, you can see that he has some passing ability as he passes to open ice for his teammates to skate into, and he is not afraid to try more creative passes. He likes to shoot the puck, and has a quick and heavy wrist shot. His hockey sense is strong, both offensively and defensively. When receiving the puck in the defensive zone, he makes a quick pass to a teammate to start the play or passes the puck back to his defenders if no better option is given. We believe Nurmi certainly has the potential to become a decent two-way NHL player if he puts on some weight.   (May 2016)