Marko Dano

Darren Walker

Dano displays as a skilled two-way forward who skates well with good all-round mobility and the speed needed to crease separation. He skates hard and keeps his feet moving, using his skates as well as his hands to be elusive with the puck and enter the oppositions zone. He has great balance and a low centre of gravity that make him hard to know off the puck or strip it from. He handles the puck well, able to control and make a move at top speed and sees the ice well, keeping his head up scanning his options as they move around the offensive zone. He has a good selection of shots that he gets off quickly and is not afraid to take the puck into the goaltenders lap. Dano shows no fear and plays with a chippy, gritty edge where he gets into his opponents face and fights for pucks and positioning. He has good smarts, reads the developing play makes quick in game adjustments while playing a defensively responsibility game where he picks up his check and keeps close tabs on him before springing onto the offensive attack when the puck changes possession. He inserts himself into the play whether in the offensive zone or to disrupt the opponents attack through the neutral zone. He did a very good job playing against men in the Kontinental Hockey League as a bottom-six player this past season. (May 2013)