Mario Ferraro

Aaron Vickers

Ferraro is a solid, smooth-skating, all-situations blueliner. He can skate like the wind and stop on a dime. Has great hip flexibility allowing him to be able to change directions rapidly. His quick footwork, mobility and acceleration allow him to transition into the attack quickly and rush the puck up ice. Unbelievably agile, and his lightning-quick first steps out of a turn easily allow him to stay ahead of the play and transitions. He displays stellar puck control and composure at high rates of speed, keeps the puck close and can dangle his way through traffic if needed. He rushes the puck with confidence and makes smart, decisions when to pass, or if the safest move is to just get rid of it. He possesses great vision, especially when it comes to creating offense. Nice balance between being conservative with the puck and making high risk, high reward plays. He is solid on the PP point as well, due to his mobility, vision and creativity. He possesses an excellent, powerful one-time slap shot and can wrist pucks accurately on net. Keeps efficient spacing in one on one situations, using his mobility to stay glued to his man and angle them off into the boards for the most part. He plays with some healthy physicality to his game, finished all his checks, but not an abundance of nastiness. He likes to keep tight gaps that allowed him to execute poke checks and force turnovers. This cool, calm and collective defenseman has promising upside and would be a solid addition to any team looking for a skilled, mobile two-hundred foot defenseman.