Marcus Vela

Aaron Vickers

The University of New Hampshire recruit is a dangerous combination of vision, size and
speed. He has smooth hands and an enhanced ability to change the point of attack and protect
the puck. He is certainly more playmaker than goal scorer and his passing ability is a major
strength. He exploits soft spots in coverage and moves the puck to dangerous areas. Vela
skates like the wind with the puck on his stick and has the ability to push defenders back and
make them freeze as he gains the offensive zone. He moves his butt on the back check and
knows what he needs to do to find success. Uses his body to rub opponents off the puck, and
while he may not always play in the gritty areas shift in and shift out, he will always be in the
vicinity, offering support on the outside if not battling himself. Makes a perfect pass and doesn’t
stand still; instead, moves quickly to open ice to create another passing lane for the puck carrier.
Has a hard time controlling heavy passes while moving, though. Vela’s hard work leads
to chances for his team. His legs stretch wide as he unloads his shot with all of his power and
strength behind it. Release is slow but carries some impressive velocity to it. He plays on both
the penalty kill and the powerplay for the Rivermen. The question is what type of player he will
be at the next level. He isn’t a driver on the ice and that’s where his value really diminishes as
a pro.  (May 2015)