Madison Bowey

Darren Walker

Bowey is an athletic, strong skating, two-way blueliner who has very good NHL upside. He has fluid movements and smooth feet that allow him to transition without loss of speed. He is at his best when he goes back into his own zone retrieves the puck, take a couple strides up ice and then shoot a crisp first pass to one of his streaking forwards. His vision is solid as is his ability to find his best option and deliver the puck. Has a hard shot — both slap and wrist — that he gets on net consistently. He can elude and dodge forecheckers, and displays some creativity in breaking out the pass by using the boards or spinning off players. He is also a very mobile and agile skater, just so smooth and strong with his strides, great balance and strong legs. Bowey has a good feel for the puck and can manage the puck no matter what direction he is moving in. He thinks extremely quickly and knows how to relieve pressure from the defensive zone in an instant. He is an active player that uses his mobility to the fullest; maintains good gap control, keeps rushing forwards in check, and uses a very active stick to win battles. Needs to do better at reading the developing play while defending. (May 2013)