Mackenzie Blackwood

Aaron Vickers

Blackwood is that quick and athletic netminder who has the size that all NHL teams covet
nowadays. He is always on the move, tracking the puck and getting himself set. Despite his
size, he will get down nice and low if needed to see through traffic or get a better view of the
lane. Sometimes he puts himself down too low, looking to be much smaller than his six-foot-four
frame indicates. Plays somewhat lower in his net but will come out to the top of crease when
the puck is high in the zone. Does a very good job of adjusting based on the situation. Has very
quick lateral movements as he digs in hard to slide to the far side of the net and quickly get
squared up to the shooter. Covers the post very well and his size allows him to be tight to both
pipes when stretched out if the puck is behind the net. Glove hand is positioned high but his reaction
time on that side is a little delayed. Reads the play well and is aware of opponents setting
up across or at the backdoor. He knows where the puck is going and explodes over quickly to
make the save. Always comes out behind the net to stop the puck and wait, or will handle the
puck and pass it off to his defenders. Blackwood is the type of stopper who can stand on his
head at times and make crucial saves to keep his team in games.  (May 2015)