Luke Philp

Aaron Vickers

Philp is an overage kid who would not be ignored in viewings this season. Plays a skilled and smart game; he is small, but good defensively. He is a quick player who is shifty, accelerates well and generates a pretty healthy head of steam. His ability to use his edges effectively makes him slippery and able to roll out of traffic easily. He isn’t the fastest player by any means, but he can really prove elusive if he needs too. He has a robust selection of offensive tools that are equally effectively. He sees the ice really well, making him potentially dangerous with or without the puck on his stick. He has some soft hands that allow him to carve through traffic like a skilled butcher. He processes the play before the puck even lands on his stick and boasts little hesitation when he threads passes on to teammate’s sticks. Shows good change of pace as he enters the zone with declining speed and then bursts into a lane, opening up space for himself to get a puck. He has a solid wrist shot and slap shot that earn him some respect. His head is constantly on a swivel and he will go anywhere on the ice to make a play or fill an obligation. His excellent awareness isn’t just limited to his play in the offensive zone. Philp has a tendency to be properly positioned in the defensive zone to pick apart opponent plays. He intercepts passes by reading the play and stepping in to transition the play out of the zone. He provides pressure and is an effective stick first defender who is opportunistic in stripping pucks. He can use his stocky frame to provide some physicality on the boards, but is quite effective without providing much muscle (May 2015)