Lukas Vejdemo

Aaron Vickers

Vejdemo has grown a lot over the last one to two years, from being average-sized at best to now a strong and hardworking two-way pivot. He’s got above average speed but lacks power and extension in his stride. Has the balance that allows him to be effective when playing in traffic when contact is involved. He can also create a little separation based on his top speed at this level. Speed is solid overall, maybe his agility could be a little better and he could certainly improve his first step. He’s got decent hands, passing and playmaking skills. His two-way play is a strength as well. He is able to read the play around him and adapt at both ends of the rink. Good hockey sense. Covers for teammates and drives deep into his own zone to stymie opponents’ offensive chances. Both wrist shot and slap shot seem quite heavy, but he does not have the positional instincts of a natural goal scorer. Strong along the boards. Can be pretty physical, battling for pucks and space, even though he is not a tough guy. His wrist shot seems hard, but unfortunately, not always accurate. Has NHL upside as a potential top nine forward, or at worst case, a bottom line two-way threat. (May 2015)