Lukas Sutter

Aaron Vickers

A gritty, tough, two-way type forward that plays the game true to his Sutter name. Has a very ugly, choppy skating stride with a low base. He’s not slow, but not a burner either and his acceleration is just average. His hands are decent, not great but have improved leaps and bounds from last year as he can now carry the puck confidently, receive a pass effectively and control it with ease on the cycle. Has a good hard wrister that is off his stick quickly. His strength is his power game as he likes to take the puck off the wall or from behind the net and drive it towards the goal. Willing and able physical combatant on the ice who will drop the gloves with anyone. Has a short fuse that sometimes gets him into penalty trouble, needs to better control his emotions to be most effective. Great hard-nosed, meat and potatoes type game. Has worked hard to improve his overall skill set and has the work ethic and determination that NHL teams covet. (May 2012)