Lukas Jasek

Aaron Vickers

Jasek is a smart offensive player who has a fairly rounded game with some lethal tools. Has some skilled hands and confidently carries the puck with patience. He has impressive skating speed and accelerates quickly. He has decent balance and can change direction quickly with- out sacrificing too much momentum. Has a knack to find open ice and an awareness of his surroundings. He has an accurate wrist and slap shot that can beat a goaltender uncontested if placed properly. He isn’t just a shooter but a fine passer as well. He thrives on the power play and can really get the puck moving around with quick, accurate passes. He shows a bit of defensive responsibility but is more driven to perform offensively. He back checks hard but his compete level is not as high as it is in the offensive zone. Jasek is not very physical, rubbing out the body when he has to but not trying to throw monster hits or set the tone in any way. Is more likely to become a complimentary offensive guy at the next level. (May 2015)