Ludvig Nilsson

Aaron Vickers

A two-way forward that wants to make an impact when he is on the ice. Skates well with impressive speed, balance and agility. A goal-scoring, shoot-first mentality makes you notice him as he wants to be a difference maker. His shot is hard and quickly off his stick but should not be considered a snipers weapon by any means. Physically he is not a punisher by any means, and certainly not a true Canadian-style power forward, but has good size to help him along in his goal-scoring endeavours. Tries to be a defensively responsible player and help his center and d-men out to make sure to cover openings and making himself as an option on the ice. Being that strong net front presence on the power play is where he gets most of his points. Has decent vision and sense but will not ever be confused with one of the Se- din twins. His play at the Five Nations in February was very impressive. Some what a project pick as he will need to add considerable strength to play his style against men at the next level. (May 2012)