Lucas Wallmark

Aaron Vickers

Wallmark is a two-way talent with creative passing skills. He has some skating problems and an awkward stride that will need some correcting but remains shifty in small spaces. He uses his edges well to cut and turn sharply but lacks top level speed. He’s extremely creative both with the puck and with his playmaking ability and has impressive vision and makes some seeing-eye passes. He’s not afraid to shoot the puck but is more skilled in the passing aspect of his game. He possesses a decent shot selection that he uses often. He pretty much plays without an edge to his game and will likely rarely if ever knock down anyone with neither a big hit nor stand up for himself or a teammate with his fists. Despite that, he is strong on the puck around the oppositions net and will take a hit to make a play. Defensively, he knows where to go and who to cover and typically does his duties in that regard but lacks the strength to totally eliminate his threats. He has the look of a complementary player at the next level who would be best served to be placed with a big personality who also has a big shot to capitalize on Lucas’ creative passes. (May 2013)