Lucas Johansen

Aaron Vickers

Johansen is a very calm and cool character on the ice. He is very intelligent and looks comfortable at both ends of the ice. One thing that stood out is his prowess at holding the two blue lines. His excellent gap control and unflappable nature forces a lot of lateral movement by attackers. Johansen forces the attackers to make a move at the line, causing a handful of offsides calls a game and generally plugging up the neutral zone. Johansen is also very accomplished in moving the puck forward and it’s another area where his hockey IQ shines. He makes some really clever plays and sees teammates when many others wouldn’t. His touch on passes is exceptional and he creates space by putting the puck in areas where only his teammates can retrieve it. He has a projectable frame, but isn’t very imposing in his own end. Position-wise, he is pretty solid, using his stick well and keeping tight gaps and some pressure on the puck carrier. He is not very physical in any area, and he needs to fight a lot harder for space and protect the puck when he is backed into a corner. He gets the puck off his stick quickly and places it well on the net. Johansen makes some good transition plays from in his own end when he is under a bit of pressure. Defensively, he can be a bit iffy in puck retrieval, and he kind of deteriorates as the pressure of the forecheck builds.   (May 2016)