Lucas Jaycox

Aaron Vickers

Jaycox is a mobile, two-way defenseman who plays a complete game. He is the type of player who is able to play in any role asked of him. His versatility is made possible by his high hockey IQ. He reads the situation extremely well and knows what to do in every situation, then makes the quick decision to actually do it. In the defensive zone, he does a great job of reading the play and pressuring the puck handler at the right time, often forcing turnovers with his stick or aggressiveness. He is aggressive enough to force the opponents to make quick decisions, but not enough to take himself out of the play. One of his strengths is the way he breaks the puck out, both passing and skating. His passes are crisp and on target. He does not panic with the puck on his stick in his own zone, always waiting for the smart pass to open up or if nothing does, he is not afraid to rush it himself. He is a very smooth skater, quick in all directions and comfortable with the puck on his stick. Offensively, he does not do anything ashy but there is some upside to this aspect of his game. He sees the ice very well and distributes the puck effectively. He also has a nice shot, with a quick release. While still raw and could obviously improve in all aspects in his game, we really did not see any major flaws in his game and think NHL teams will see that too. (May 2015)