Luc Snuggerud

Darren Walker

A very high-potential defenseman, Snuggerud came to the USHL twice during the season and also played in high school for Eden Praire. Snuggerud is a very mo- bile offensive defenseman with tremendous sense for the offensive game. He has a great, fluid stride with impressive speed and acceleration that he uses to escape pressure and carry the puck out of trouble. He likes to join the rush, but unlike some defenseman at his age, Snuggerud won’t join the rush unless he sees it as a prime option. He is very smart and aware of the play going on around him. When he sees the option to get involved, he does and is effective. Snuggerud makes a con dent rst pass and can open the ice with his feeds. He nds lanes quickly and always has his head on a swivel. He does a good job getting involved from the point, and can lead a PP when given the chance. He has a hard, accurate wrist shot from the point, but is more reliable when it comes to moving the puck around. Snuggerud needs to add some muscle to his frame and he can improve his physical play; however, he is still a very effective player in his own zone. He controls his gaps very well, and takes time and space from forwards quickly. He has a great stick on defense and breaks up plays nicely. He anticipates the play nicely and works well with his partners. Snuggerud is a very reliable defenseman. (May 2014)