Logan Stanley

Aaron Vickers

Stanley is a towering and lengthy rearguard whose bread and butter is blocking shots and angling off his man. Overall for a big man, he really has improved his skating, but still needs to control his feet a little more and be quicker yet. Stanley can be caught flatfooted, and also exposed on turns and pivots by smaller, agile forwards. Stanley possesses some shockingly good puckhandling skills for a kid his size. He makes smart little plays to advance the puck, skating it if he needs to and passing at the right time. He has shown more confidence in leading the rush up ice as this season has progressed. When he skates the puck up ice, he uses his free arm to his advantage to push the check off of him and gain space to work with. Stanley really uses his reach and strength well. Defensively, Stanley needs to be a little more aware of where he is as he tends to block his goalie’s lane to see the puck, screening him more often than not. Stanley closes the gap well, and is quick to step forward and use his reach to his advantage in knocking the puck away. He makes very good reads to lunge forward and poke at the puck and/or intercept the pass. He uses that long reach to settle pucks quickly and effectively. He plays strong on the perimeter, bringing a hard-nosed game as he gets physical with the puck carrier. The physically imposing defender has the ability to jump up and drop his shoulder to deliver a perfectly timed, devastating check in open ice. Stanley will drop the gloves and stand up for his team.  (May 2016)